granulés: convoyeur

Conveying for granulés, granulés de bois fabricant der

The conveying équipements play an important role in transporting material from one mill to another, Some are designed to operate horizontally, some on a slope, others elevate the material vertically to a different level of the building. The requirement for elevators et conveyors will depend on how automated the mill is to be et how its plant is laid out.

The utmost use of such a équipements is made in the modern granulés (often using pneumatic systems) to minimize labour needs et to maximise the use of let by building multi-storey, rather than horizontally arranged plants

Airlocks: Lock the air, release the powder or granulated materials out.

Belt Conveyors:

Belt Conveyor is used to transfer material or the final product. It can be combined with other transfer équipementss to build different transfer lines for mass production needs.
It is basically a conveyor consisting of two or more pulleys that have a continuous loop of material that rotates about them. Either one or both of the pulleys are powered et the belt moves along with the materials on the belt.

Bucket elevators:

Bucket elevators are designed to gently transport a wide variety of products, both horizontally et vertically, transfer material to avoid damage. More used to lift the material to up level.


Screw Conveyors:

Screw conveyors are used to convey materials such as bulk solids or sludge both on horizontal et high inclination, et are designed to provide an enclosed method of transferring materials from one point to another. It isconsisting of a screw inside a hollow pipe, contained within a tube et it is turned with the help of a motor in order to deliver material from one end of the conveyor to the other.