granulés: séparateur magnétique

Magnet in Pelleting


TCXT Series séparateur magnétique

1. Application

Widely used for removing metal from the raw material in Wood granulés de presse for nourrir, flour, rice grinding, grain silo, food et chemical field.

2. Main Features

1). The cylinder of séparateur magnétiqueis made of stainless steel. The metal removing rate can reach 98%. Magnetic core use the newest rare-earth permanent magnetic materials with high property ≥3000 gauss.
2). Simply installation et Petit area oà granulés de boisupied.
3). The gemel of opening door is specially strengthen et overstriking type, which to stop the magnetic door loosing down.
4). No extra power needed. Esay to maintain.

TCXT series séparateur magnétiquehave the perfect performance to remove iron, with intensity of magnetic field ≥3000GS, efficiency of iron removing ≥99%. No need for extra power, which can achieve the advanced international level.

Magnet in Chipping et Grinding
Magnet in Transport plant (remove metal impurity )