Complete of Wood Pellet Mill Flowchart:

Pelletizing is the process of making waste materials into solid fuel. The objects are used for burning purposes. Wood Pellet is one of the most commonly used pelletizing materials.


Raw Material Pulverizing System Dry SystemPelleting System CoolingSieving /Bagging system Pellet Mill

(1) Pellet Mill : Pulverizing System

When the thickness of raw wood material is >10mm, and >50 * 50mm(L * W), we need use the Wood Chipper to chip them into small pieces, then crush the small pieces into wood powder with diameter less 3mm by Hammer Mill (Crusher)
Wood Chipper

(2) Drying System

The best moisture content to pelletizing is about 13-15%. Our Rotary Dryer is made up of Stove and Main Rotary Dryer, which can realize to reduce the moisture from 60% to 10%. Our stove is fueled by coal, which can save electricity consumption largely.
Pellet Mill Heat Stoves Rotary Drum Dryers Pellet Mill Dust Filter Pellet Mill Conveyor
Heat Stoves
Dust Filter

(3) Pelleting System

Driven with heavy- duty gearbox construction can produce continuously in most adverse condition. The imported key elements are of high performance with long life and low maintenance cost. The key parts are made of alloy steel to be very strong and malleable. Die is made of stainless steel. Pellet machine is widely used in the granulation of wood, straw, other biomass sources. capacity ranges from 200kgs to 3T per hour.
Pellet Mill pellet mill dies and rollers Steam Boiler Magnetic Separator

Pellet Mill

Spare Parts Dies &Rollers
Steam Boiler
Magnetic Separator

(4) Cooling /Sieving /Bagging system

After the pelletizing process, the temperature of the wood pellet is about 60-80 degree, and the moisture content of the wood pellet is about 15%, so we need use Cooler to reduce about 3-4% moisture, such this the wood pellet is easy to store.
After cooling, the wood pellet will not directly enter into the fuel process, avoiding the wood pellet affected with damp. The packing process is necessary. In this process, we assemble our domestic best Semi-Auto Packing Machine to you.
wood pellet Cooler Pellet Mill Dust Filter pellet mill packing machine pellet mill


Dust Filter
Packing Machine
Magnetic Separator

NOTE: PLC System

pellet mill plcThe Whole System adopt Siemens PLC controller, include motherboard, input & output module, software. MCC adopt Touch Panel, Simulation Control Screen or Computer Control Screen is optional.Automatic Moisture online testing, Automatic dosing, Automatic Lubricating, Automatic Steam supply, Lower Labor cost. 24 hours continuous working.